Bathroom Remodel Under $3,000

Bathroom Remodel Under $3,000

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Hey guys, do you want to update your outdated bathroom like this one into a new modern looking bathroom like this one?

By the end of this video, you will know what steps I took and what materials I used to gut renovate this bathroom for under $3,000 material cost.

Step 1 - Demo

The first part of the project was demolition. We ripped everything off. We took out the old tub that was there originally. It was this disgusting fitted bathroom disaster with old mold in yellow. So we got rid of that. Got rid of this small vanity that I spoke about earlier. Got rid of the toilet. Ripped up the old tiles that were there originally. Everything went to the trash.

The demolition cost me zero dollars because I did it myself. The whole project was ongoing
so all that trash just went into one big dumpster.

Step 2 - Electrical

Once the demolition was done, it was time for the electrician to wire the place.

So he rewired everything. The cost of that was about two hundred bucks for this bathroom. because he was rewiring a whole house so he was able to give me a deal. When you break it down and came out to about $200.

But he rewired for a new GFCI, new switches. We got a nice light up. This was fairly cheap from Home Depot. And a new vent which originally was not here.

It also has a cool light so you’re gonna have two settings in the bathroom which is something that I like. The cost to do the electrical phase of this bathroom was around three hundred dollars.

Step 3 - Plumbing

Next step was to do the plumbing. The plumbing in this town I was able to do myself since we own the house. I didn’t have to hire a plumber as long as everything passed inspection. So I installed a new tub, ran all new PVC into the drain system then installed the new shower body. this was Delta, sixty five dollars, I believe.

The tub was around one hundred and twenty dollars or so and all the other plumbing materials possibly cost me around fifty dollars I believe.

So the entire plumbing cost me about four to five hundred dollars with the materials and my labor because I’m the one who did it so I don’t have to pay a plumber to do that.

Step 4 - Drywall

The next step was to drywall and waterproof everything. So everywhere you see here, there’s moisture-resistant sheetrock or green sheetrock as we call it. And then this entire area, the shower area was waterproofed with redgard. It was double-coated. We’ll upload some photos of that. The waterproofing and all the materials for the drywall part were around one hundred and seventy dollars.

Step 5 - Tiling

Once the drywall was done, the next step was to lay the tiles. Floor tiles and the wall tiles can both be found at the Home Depot.

Both of those tiles cost me around three hundred dollars. It was sixty dollars for the floor and two hundred forty dollars for the walls.

Obviously, there’s a small amount for the floor. The grout that I used was alabaster for the walls and pewter gray for the floors, respectively. So it matches. Then I used these little J moldings here as you can see all around the trims and on top for that difference.

Actually a very nice look. We really like that. So all of those materials cost me around three hundred fifty dollars with all the thinset which is the glue that’s used to keep the tiles in place and the tiles themselves.

Step 6 - Finishing Materials


Once I got all the tiles finished, I purchased the vanity. The vanity and the sink cost me around four hundred dollars together. That will be in the description as well. It’s a three-foot vanity right out of the home depot, very nice and spacious. The inside has two drawers so you could put your shampoos and stuff.

This nice cabinet has mirrors on the inside as well. I believe this was one hundred ten or one hundred twenty dollars. We’ll double-check that. The toilet was ninety-nine dollars. It’s Glacier Bay. Nothing fancy, but it’s a toilet. The light was twenty-four dollars.

I forgot to mention the shower door. That was a three-hundred dollar piece. It’s a custom shower door, meaning you buy it and then you could cut it to size. So this frame gets cut to the size of the opening. It could be used up to 6 foot, my height, which is great. But we decided to go a little bit lower.
Then we had these little finishing pieces where you could put a towel, small towel. This is the toilet paper holder. We have a roll hook on the back of the front door to the bathroom. We decided not to put anything here only because once the potential buyer takes over the house, they can put something they like or maybe some sort of shelf

The extra accessories and the shower door cost around $350. We splashed a little cash on the vanity, the cabinet, the mirror, and the shower door, only because at that point we were
way under $2,500 and decided let’s make the bathroom a little bit nicer than expected.

Now that you saw how we did this bathroom for under $3,000 material cost, leave a comment below. Let me know which material you like the best, if you like the design, what you would have done differently

If you have any questions in general, I’d love to answer.

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