Soundproofing NYC Apartments & Homes

Soundproofing NYC Apartments & Homes

In this article we’re going to cover the ins and outs of soundproofing your New York City home!


In the city that never sleeps, there’s never a quiet moment (New York City had more than 446,000 noise complaints in 2017 alone!) but whether you’re a renter or a homeowner, you will agree that silence in city life can be golden.

Residents who succeed with tuning out some of the bustle of the city do two things very well:

First, they set realistic expectations on what noise cancelling can and can’t do.

Second, they let soundproofing experts take a look at their specific situation to help determine what method(s) will work best. No amount of online research will be able to give better advice than experts within the industry.

Golden Talon Construction provides soundproofing for apartments, townhouses, and any other property you may own — contact us for a free consultation if you’re ready for the peace and quiet that you deserve.

What is Soundproofing and
How Does it Work?

Before we dive into specifics, it’s important to set the right expectations for soundproofing.

Soundproofing uses specific building materials to provide a sound barrier against external noises. Soundproofing can be permanent or temporary, depending on the materials used.

When soundproofing an NYC home, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

For instance, contractors who are creating permanent options may use a variety of sheetrock, plaster, insulation, and framing options to drown out the noise, while renters will need to pursue less permanent methods to comply with their lease. 

For commercial jobs, contractors will assess the unique requirements of the building to recommend a satisfactory solution.

How to Soundproof NYC
Apartment as a Renter?

As a renter, you’re limited to small changes within your apartment since you can’t modify the structure. Still, there are tons of ways you can prevent outside noise from affecting your inner peace.

soundproofing foam being put behind canvas to help minimize sound
soundproof canvas on wall

Cover Your Walls

The key to blocking out noise is to include items in your home that will absorb some of the sound that seeps through. For starters, you can cover your walls in art or other soft surfaces.

Musicians in particular use soft surfaces like cotton, foam, or felt to absorb sound, though these don’t always look attractive. One solution is to place soft sound-absorbing materials behind framed art or use decorative fabrics to decorate bare walls.

thick fuzzy rug to help with soundproofing

Add a Rug

Similar to using art on the walls, a plush rug on the living room floor can also soak up some sound and prevent noises from bouncing. Plus, your downstairs neighbors will thank you because soft flooring can muffle your steps.

Door Draft Guard

Use Door Draft Guards

Sound can travel through any little crack or crevice, especially under the door. Use a draft guard to minimize this gap as much as possible (plus it will help to keep your heating and cooling costs lower).

You may also be able to do the same around your windows using bits of cloth if there are any gaps to fill.

Keep in mind that these suggestions aren’t perfect. They can help to a certain degree, but they won’t make all your noisy neighbor problems go away.

How to Soundproof NYC Home as an Owner ?

However, one thing to keep in mind is that full noise cancellation isn’t realistic, especially in a place like New York City. But when it comes to soundproofing in the city, the ability to make permanent changes will yield better results. 

Owning your own home gives you that opportunity.

Let’s look at some of the most effective options you have as a property owner:

Soundproof Floor Insulation

Floor Insulation

Adding an attenuating layer between floors can help to muffle overhead sounds and vibrations.

This is a commonly used soundproofing method for property owners particularly when they planned to have a new floor installed anyway.

pouring a can of paint

Soundproof Paint

Paint isn’t just for aesthetics!

Soundproof paint is relatively new, but it’s a growing trend in hotels and other commercial buildings. It’s quick and easy to apply and provides great two-way soundproofing.

Soundproof Wall Insulation

Blanket Insulation with Double Sheetrock

For insulating walls, we recommend using blanket insulation inside the walls and covering with double sheetrock.

This is the most straightforward way to soundproof apartment walls, and while it doesn’t block out all sound, it does provide great sound reduction.

HVAC insulation roll

HVAC Duct Wrap

Not all city noises come from outside.

Your HVAC system, especially older systems, can be a nuisance.

Consider wrapping pipes in acoustical duct wrap to absorb vibrations and sounds from air traveling through the ductwork.

decorative Soundproof Acoustic Panels

Acoustic Panels

Recording studios and concert halls use acoustic panels to minimize unwanted interference.

However, they also come in decorative options that look nice in a residential setting.

Green Glue Soundproofing Compound

Green Glue

Green Glue is a thick compound applied between two pieces of drywall to muffle sound and provide superior soundproofing at a low cost.

In fact, it can reduce noise transfer from room to room by as much as 90%.

How Much Does Soundproofing Cost in NYC?

As with any construction project, soundproofing an NYC home can vary in cost, depending on the scope of the project and the materials required. 

The average price range is between $1,500 – $5,000, although some higher end projects can go over that.

You may be wondering:
“That’s a big price range, how do I know how much it will cost me?”

There are several factors that will affect the cost, including the age and condition of the property, the materials used, and how soon you need the project to be completed.

For example, materials per project can vary widely.

Some people choose to replace all the windows and doors to provide better insulation, while others will focus on wall and ceiling insulation only.  The thickness and type of insulation can also affect the project cost. 

Also, older properties or those that need some work can be more expensive to soundproof, as they usually require more construction to complete the project.

We give personalized quotes to each property on a case by case basis to take into account the property and its surroundings, which will affect our recommendations.

Why Choose Golden Talon Construction

Choosing to soundproof your NYC home is a better experience when you partner with a company that has successfully completed similar projects in the past. 

We’ve worked on many soundproofing projects in New York City and other areas to soundproof their spaces, along with undergoing professional training in soundproofing procedures to give you the most for your investment.

One of our most intensive projects was for Little Cheddar music studio based out of Brooklyn.

As an added bonus, we work with budgets of all sizes and work around your schedule to ensure a win/win on every project.

Get Started

For New York City home owners who are interested in soundproofing their apartments, condos, coops, and townhouses for a better quality of life, there’s hope.

Take the first step and contact us today! We offer free in-person consultations where we examine your property and the surrounding area to generate an accurate quote based on your location, structure, and goals.

Call 347-549-3597 or send us a message for a free quote and to get the peace and quiet you deserve!

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